​​​Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga:   (5 wk)
Seven spiritual laws for parenting (5 wk)

Introduction To Meditation :

Law of Attraction:
Creating Abundance in our Lives
vision board/dream boards-turn into action board Dream about it, envision how you will realistically do it or get it, and then get up and make it happen.
Creating or reality

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life-Power of positive thinking -workshop


The four path of Yoga (4 week course)

Five layers of the body finding the light within (4 week course)

Yogic Path to Inner Peace-  (intro to yoga) 5 week course

Mental & Physical Aspects of breathing/Pranci benefits of yogic breathing
Introduction Chakras/Nadis ( over view)
Intro to Ayurveda Diet cooking (sign up for ayurveda cooking classes)
Intro to Meditation ( mastery of the mind- 12 principles 0f meditation)
Yoni Mudra- exercise withdrawal of the sense
Category concentration
Tratak steady gazing exercise
Candle Gazing
Ayurvedic  Constitutional Types: Biological humors Vata Pitta Kapha
The Three Gunas: How to Balance Your Consciousness
The five elements of the Mind

The Five Elements: Building Blocks of Nature
Kundalini and Charkras Awakening the Subtle Body



Open to your Truth

Get Started with one of our yoga Ayurveda courses.  Discover how you can give, live, and inspire, empowered life

Yoga the path to self realization Ayurveda the path to self healing

When practiced together brings optimal health, vitality, and higher awareness

Classes include yoga posture( raji yoga) yoga philosophy and Ayurveda wisdom.  Yoga and Ayurveda reveals the secrets of the body, breath, senses, mind, and the Chakra's. These 90 minute classes are refreshing to body mind, and spirit.

And helps us find our inner flow, to listen to the voice of our soul, to live and speak our truth. To claim our divine purpose.

Essence of Yoga Course: The introductions to yoga science and philosophy. Starting with the basic five points of yoga. Yoga postures (Asana) their benefits, and proper alignment. Yoga breathing panic benefits. Relaxation it's healing powers. Meditation stress relief...Yogi Diet/Ayureda

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Soul  Flow Yoga Academy

For Higher Learning ​Spiritual Awakening

Learn About the Eight Limbs of Yoga

These eight practices provide practical steps of personal development physically, mentally and spiritually to attain the highest state of awareness. Sage Patanjali insisted that these eight practices be practiced in a specific order, and no practice should be skipped as it lays the way to the subsequent practice. The Yoga Sutra Teaches Us Morals and Ethics 


Part 1: Classical Ayurveda Vedic Science, Philosophy, Vedic Origins/History

Elements of Conception/Creation (Prakruti and Vikruti)
Learn how all creation have the 5 elements building blocks of nature.
Qualities and characteristics of each Dosha
3 Guans, Karma, Goals of Life, Basic principles of Ayurveda Thought.

 Part 2: The Universe and How we are Connected in Part Two
We will discuss how we get our Parkriti or Dosha Composition and what it means?

How we get a particular body type? And how having this knowledge benefits us?
Prakruti/ Vikruti ) Ayurveda Anatomy and Physiology
The Doshas, elements, qualities, Attributes/Characteristics of (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
How to use this Knowledge
Why we get sick/ What is health according to Ayurveda?

 Part 3: How to Apply Ayurveda Science in your Daily Life Seasonal

Eating/ Lifestyle aligning our diet and lifestyle with the cycles of nature-Balancing (Kapha)
Ayurveda Daily Routine/Seasonal routine-Six ways to Boost your immunity for

Spring-Ayurveda Dietary Guidelines. Balancing Diet and the Six Tastes
Part 4: Healthy and unhealthy eating habits-Food and the Gunas
Ayurveda and the Mind Psychological Constitutions- Ayurveda Classifies human

temperaments into three basic types:

Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic.

​Module 2
Mental Nature The Dosha impact both body and mind
Part 1-Vata Psychology-Pitta Psychology-Kapha Psychology
Ayurveda and the Mind Psychological Constitutions- Ayurveda Classifies human temperaments

into three basic types: Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic
Part 2-Doshas and the stages of life-Dosha and Climate-The Dosha in Digestive Process-

The Dosha in Disease Process