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Skin Care: Experience for yourself the beauty secrets of Asians Herbal Treatments for Body , Mind & Spirit our signature products once were only used by royalty. The unique herbal properties of our formulas detoxify and purify the skin allowing it to become balanced, repaired, nourished, restoring vitality & radiance for overall health. Discover the power of Jade

Infrared Sauna 30 minutes
1 session                           $25
4 session                           $69
1 week                               $65
monthly pass 8 sessions    $89 

Benefits of Infrared: Need to De-Tox checkout the amazing benefits of the infrared sauna
Detoxification. ...
Relaxation. ...
Pain Relief. ...
Weight Loss. ...
Improved Circulation. ...
Skin Purification.Detoxification. ...
Relaxation. ...
Pain Relief. ...

Ionic Foot Spa Enhance Immune System...
1 session                    $25
4 Sessions                   $69
Ionic Foot Spa Benefits:  
​Purging Metals PH balancing 
Imflammation Reducing
Liver/Parasite Cleansing 
Strengthen Immune...       

Jadience De-Tox Body Wraps

Includes:  30 minutes in Infrared sauna for opening body for detoxifying.

Next body will be dry brush to cleanse the skin and stimulates the nervous system. An herbal formula will be applied to body and you will be wrapped in warm sheets and a heating blanket. 

For the next 30 minutes while your wrapped in the herbal formula you will receive chi machine treatment for helping in the detoxing process.

And a detox  facial with clay mask and facial massage to support your immune system.  

This treatment improves skin tone, strengthens the immune system clears detoxing. And often you will lose inches/ weight from this treatment. 

90 minute treatment__________ $135

Add Cellulite treatment additional -$10

For best results do a package of 2__$259

45 minutes Serenity Microdermabrasion Facial             minutes Mini Micro Facial                                                   Hand Treatment Microderm massage & Parrafin
30-40 minutes Back Facial                                                          45 minutes Body Polish                                                              Waxing
Ear piecing




Massages: personalized to your needs  - 1 Hour     $79




Serenity  De-tox Jadience  Massage Treatments

Powerfully detoxify the body and mind with this advanced Detox Massage and Warming Pillow Treatment featuring the healing powers of the precious jade stone, which has been used throughout centuries to deeply detoxify, exfoliate and heal the body while uncovering skin's radiance, youth and tone.

Our powerful treatment begins with the internal Total Body Detox Formula followed by the Total Body Detox Soak to prepare you for this ultimate ancient healing experience. Herbal Warming Pillow Treatments and Jade & Ginseng Detoxifying Acupoint Treatment Gel used in combination will effectively increase chi, remove toxins, and rebalance internal organ systems so that they function at optimal levels. This Massage and Pillow Treatment activates specific acupressure points to rebalance and cleanse the entire mind and body. 

This East Asian royal gem treatment, which was once offered to only the most prestigious individuals of the Royal Court, will prove to be the most complete and unforgettable spa experience.                                                                                                                          60 minutes treatment $89

Relax Restore




Microdermabrasion Treatment

Refresh your skin with this non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. This is ideal for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, reduces hyperpigmentation from the sun damage and scars. Our diamond tip microdermabrasion machine helps to remove the outer layers of skin cells, stimulating collagen production and renewal, for an overall improved skin tone leaving skin feeling smooth and renewed.                                            $89

Save $10 per facial when you buy Package of 2.....................        $158      

For best results use with 30 days 


The​ Spa @ Serenity Inn

Jadience Herbal Hydrotherapy

Bath Formulas

Jade & Ginseng Royal Hand &

Foot Treatment

$69 -60 minutes

​​​​    East Asian Herbal  Formulas Infused with the power of Jade. Healing to Body, Mind & Spirit

Your treatments starts with a relaxing herbal soak that bathes your hands and feet in more than a dozen Asian herbs and extracts that soften the skin and release blocked energy to detoxify and restorative.  Jadience, Detox Herbal Formula (The Signature Spa Products for Serenity Life Spa & Retreat Center). Once only used by Asian royalty. These amazing formulas detoxify every cell and re-balance your mind and body while promoting energy and well-being. According to Eastern Medicine the foot is a microcosm of the entire body and each foot has more than 50 acupressure points that have a direct connection with the organs.

While feet are soaking arms, and hands are soaked in hot herbal towels. You receive head, face, & shoulder, massage. Next your hands and feet are scrub in with cleaning chi formula to remove dead dry skin to bring new softer glow to the skin. Scrub is removed and herbal massage lotion is apply for a massage of feet, legs, arms, & hands. last you will receive a back and neck massage with hot stones. Treatment includes fruit Herbal tea and spa water robes and slippers.

Make Time



Royal Jadeite Anti- Aging Facial

Experience this royal gem, once used only by the Kings and Queens of East Asia. This exclusive treatment utilizes the healing powers of the precious jade stone, which has been used throughout centuries to uncover skin’s radiance, youth and tone. This unique facial treatment features all natural skincare products infused with the powerful healing properties of jade powder to detoxify, exfoliate, treat and moisturize the skin. A traditional East Asian tool known as “Gua Sha” is used to increase circulation and detoxify dermal cells. This technique predates many forms of Eastern Medicine. To regenerate the complexion, soothe, smooth and tighten the skin an authentic jade roller is used on the face and neck. Royal Jadeite Anti-Aging Facial  50-60 minutes   $89                           

 Formulas for Health- Anti- Aging-Beauty

Skin Rejuvenation Soak
Total Body Detox Soak
Slimming  Body Soak

Muscles & Joint Therapeutic Soak 

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De-stress Spa Package90 minute Spa Package
                   Relax- Restore-Unwind 
1 hour massage
15 minutes each infrared Sauna/Chi Machine​