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​​Serenity Soul Flow Yoga Academy

                                                        PRIVATE/ GROUP SOUND BATH

                                    TUNING TO THE MESSAGE OF THE UNIVERSE THROUGH SOUND



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                       Super Blue Moon Yoga Meditation Sound Healing 
 Learn what a Super Blue moon is and how to benefit from this energy. The last Super Blue Moon was 150 years ago.

2018 is an amazing year for growth and transformation.
 We will learn how this new super blue moon will shed light on our relationships this year.

         The universe is giving us a message for this year of sensitivity, creativity and femininity for 2018. 
We will be using chakra balancing Crystal bowl for opening our sensitivity.  We will be using 4th chakra crystal bowl, (heart) and for opening our creativity and femininity energy in 2018 we will be playing the second chakra crystal bowls (sacral) and 6 (third eye) chakra bowl. For courage to step into our truth for 2018 we will be using 1st chakra crystal bowls, (root) and 3rd crystals bowels (solar plex) to awaken our divine gifts, we will be playing 5 (throat) chakra, and 6 (third eye) to Intune with our Truth our intuition, our knowing. During the meditation portion we will be using color therapy, gem stones, & essential oils… 

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Fall Detox Seasonal Retreat

  Seasonal De- Tox Group Retreat (3 days 2 night) $595
Group Retreat Includes:
Yoga/Ayurveda Detox Kit
Daily Yoga Morning/Evening
Daily Meditation

Daily workshop- cleansing techniques called Kriyas will be introduces and practiced at the retreat.
Ayurveda workshop cleansing physical, mental and emotional.
Spa Treatments (daily use of infrared sauna, hot tub and chi machine)
1 ionic detox foot bath
1 massage /and sugar scrub treatment
1 Cooking – Cleaning how to diet the Yoga
Ayurveda way

​Food Includes We will be cleansing with Ayurveda tradtional Kitchari

Over Night Accommodations