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Soul Flow Yoga Academy Courses

Days and Times and class descriptions are suggested private/private group options. If other times days and yoga emphasis a class will be created to met you or your groups needs. Class can be held at out location or yours

Yoga Session are on are 75-90 minutes- Yoga Meditation 30-60 minutes - Yoga Ayurveda Academy Course are 90 minutes

Yoga is one of the only approaches to health that assists in keeping your body healthy, strong, and flexible, while simultaneously providing mental clarity and emotional well-being.  Available to any level of experience, we combine ancient tradition with applications. Encouraging mindful living and forward-thinking.  We offer a wide variety of yoga styles, to meet all levels and seasons of our life

                                Yoga the path to Self Realization                  Ayurveda the path to self healing

 Class includes Yoga and Ayurveda wisdom practiced together they bring optimal health, vitality, and higher awareness.Yoga and Ayurveda reveals to us the secrets powers of the body, breath, senses, mind, and the Chakra's.

These 90 minutes classes are refreshing to body, mind and spirit. They help us find our inner flow, the voice of our soul to live our truth, our soul purpose. 

Yoga Academy are offered for both community and/private groups. All course require re-registation

To have private group you only need at least 3 to choose a time and day that works for your group or sign up for a community course.

 Private/Group Yoga Classes