Heart & Sole Spa Yoga Tea (Day Retreat)
Your choice of Lunch or Dinner Tea                                          
Enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening with  a group

of your friends in this heart and sole balancing Spa

Healing Tea.
Your Spa Tea Package include:
Yoga (for balancing heart and root)
Spa Treatments 
Therapeutic essentials oils
Sound and color therapy
Chocolate fountain, and fruit Bar
Herbal Tea's and Spa Water
Heart warming meal 

​All for intention of opening and balancing of the heart and root Chakra's (heart/sole)
Yoga postures for heart opening and grounding, herbal foot soak to stabilize the root Chakra the feet, and legs, (our foundation).

Therapeutic essential oils, sound/color therapy heart opening and grounding. Get ready to activate your heart, connection to your truth, walk your "sole" path, to more your heart, to more love, and passion...
Spa Treatment- You will soak your feet in an organic Asian herbal formula that detoxifies every cell and re-balance your mind and body while promoting energy and well-being. According to Eastern Medicine the foot is a microcosm of the entire body and each foot has more than 50 acupressure points that have a direct connection with the organs.
Heartwarming vegetarian soup
Gluten free bread
Passion Salad
Chakra Teas for Heat/Root balancing
Lemon Spa water

Open your heart, cleanses, and restore.
Connect to your life’s purpose through this restorative heal Yoga Spa Tea
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Serenity Spa ​Healing Yoga Spa Day Retreats

Private Spa Yoga Retreats Nourishing

 Body Mind and Spirit. Reconnect

​With Your Serenity.

Chakra Balancing Healing Spa Tea's
Enlightenment Crown- (Cosmos)
ClariTea- Third Eye (Light)
TranquliTea- Throat (Ether)
SereniTea- Heart (air)
Heart and Sole- (Air/Earth)
UniTea- Solar Plex (Fire)
CreativiTea-Sacral (water)
StabiliTea-Root Chakra (earth)

Choose a C
hakra to heal for your self or a group

and we will personalize a package for your needs

Yoga Spa Day Retreats Tea's

  • BeautTea
  • GratuiTea
  • SpiritualiTea
  • ​Aura Rainbow Tea
  • Visionary Tea

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